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Get Hue Color MP3. Download Colour Theory: Hue and Saturation For Free on The Scott Naismith

Colour Theory: Hue and Saturation

Scott Naismith | 09:43 | 348,264 COLOR THEORY TUTORIAL: The Color Wheel Basic Colour Theory Lecturer and landscape artist Scott Naismith explains concepts of...


Kezia Carter | 03:07 | 5,943

Explaining hue and value and what it has to do with basic color theory. I also go into what are cool and warm colors on the color wheel and what is...

Hue, Value & Intensity Explained

Painting Lessons with Marla | 06:28 | 21,258

Join me for this tutorial where talk about the three aspects of color. Please visit to sign up for FREE minilessons...

Ambilight Color Test

Dave Madison | 01:47 | 384,699

This is a color test video intended for 'ambilight' devices. It cycles through all solid colors, then opposite colors, and finally all colors at...

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